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IAMPS 2003
Brussels, Belgium - May 2003
Competencies for Crisis Response Operations
Group photo of IAMPS 2003
IAMPS 2003 was hosted in Brussels / Belgium in May 2003.
     Assessment of Psychological Fitness for Service in the Recruitment Process of the Swiss Armed Forces.
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     Civil-Military Relationships in Multinational Forces: National and Organizational Cultural Issues.
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     Good, Poor, and Disastrous Small-Unit Command: Lessons from the Fireground.
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     Performance During Peace Support Operations - Keyfactors for Success: A View from the Field.
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     Selection, Training and Repatriation of Finnish PSO-Personnel.
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     The CRASH-model for Psychosocial Crisis Intervention: from Peer Driven Early Intervention to Professional Care and Therapeutic Action with Military and Emergency Services Personnel.
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     The Officer Calibration Scale: Towards Improving Officers’ Ability to Judge Unit Climate in the Canadian Army.
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     The Role of the Military in Combating Terrorism - Survey of the Croatian Armed Forces.
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     The Unifying Role of Competency Models in Human Resource Management for the Military.
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     Thoughts on Leadership.
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     Update on U.S. Navy Recruiter Selection Research.
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     Why Candidates Leave Belgian Defense during Initial Training.
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