Welcome to the home page of IAMPS, the International Applied Military Psychology Symposium.

IAMPS 2018: "Military Psychology: Knowledge Building Perspectives"
was hosted by the Romanian Behavioral and Social Research Center/
Human Resources General Management Directorate MoD and the Romanian Society for Military Psychology
in Bucharest, Romania - May 7th - 11th, 2018.

We thank COL Vasile Marineanu, PhD and his team for organizing a great event!

The International Applied Military Psychology Symposium - IAMPS  - is an annual meeting of military psychologists from around the world aimed at identifying and developing best practice procedures concerning the field of applied military psychology.

Its main focus is to enable a dialogue among international military psychologists to share the latest applied research advances as well as information on organization-specific procedures and lay the groundwork for collaboration. This process stimulates important research resulting in significant improvements. By uncovering potential synergies it supports the goal of cost efficiency and also helps to improve interoperability. Therefore the spotlight of IAMPS is concentrated on a profound exchange of experiences in the field of applied military psychology.