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Military Psychology: Knowledge Building Perspectives
Bucharest, Romania - May 7th - 11th, 2018
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Romanian Behavioral and Social Research Center

The Romanian Behavioral and Social Research Center is the highest professional authority in the field of behavioral sciences in Romanian Military. A major area of responsibility consists in formulation of policy, clarifications and conducting guidelines for the coordination and guidance of the psychological and sociological structures of Romanian Armed Forces. It is also responsible for the development and implementation of various behavioral science tools in the fields of resilience and mental health, veterans and military families support, personnel assessment, organizational consulting and personnel research.

Since its establishment in 2014 until today, the Romanian Behavioral and Social Research Center has made important steps in approaching in a holistic manner the human behavior, from the perspective of the individual and social determinants.

The expertise is also focused on developing new projects of prevention, in accordance with World Health Organization, taking into account the scientist-practitioner principles:

  • Primary prevention – morale and organizational climate improvement
  • Secondary prevention – acute stress management and PTSD prevention
  • Tertiary prevention – trauma and stressor related disorder treatment and veterans support.

We are making important steps in organizing professional training courses for psychologists, facilitating interdisciplinary contacts with national and international partners - military and civilian specialists and in initiating and coordinating research and knowledge development in the field of military psychology and sociology.